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Automotive repair services we offer

Air Conditioning service:

Whether your a/c system just needs a recharge or a complete conversion from R-12 to R-134a, we handle all aspects of your vehicles air conditioning system. We also install aftermarket a/c systems in classic cars.


Do you have a hard to diagnose problem with your vehicle, our ASE certified technicians have years of experience designing, building and repairing the complex computer controlled systems on today's vehicles.

Scheduled Maintenance:

It has never been more important to maintain your vehicle, many of today's vehicles have variable cam timing which relies on clean oil to function properly. Scheduled maintenance is a great way to reduce auto repair costs. To learn more about scheduled maintenance click here


Brakes are the single most important safety feature on your car, because of this we will only replace your brake components with high quality OE equivalent or better parts. Guaranteed quiet, clean and confident braking.

Clutch replacement:

Most clutch replacements can be performed in one day. All clutch components are carefully inspected during dis-assembly to ensure all problems are fixed the first time. To learn more about clutches click here

Timing belt replacement:

Timing belts are replaced at a specified mileage, some engines can be damaged if the timing belt breaks due to age. These engines are called interference engines due to the pistons hitting the valves when the timing belt breaks. Not sure if your car or truck has a timing belt? Not sure if it has an interference engine? Give us a call we will let you know what you have and when and if timing belt replacement is necessary. To learn more about timing belts click here

Engine swaps:

Not ready to put your car out to pasture? We can put new life in it with a crate engine from the Original Equipment Manufacture.

Differential Service:

Gears must be installed to strict tolerances to insure smooth & quiet operation, whether you need pinion bearings replaced or complete overhaul, we've got you covered.

Need a service that is not listed? Give us a call we can accommodate your car repair needs 970-242-3429!!

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